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Scam Report

This site has been developed to help fans avoid scammers. No one is protecting us, so we need to look out for each other. The information gathered here is compiled from fans who want to help.

This site was originally to stop and/or avoid internet scammers. I learned pretty quickly that this is the equivalent of trying to empty the ocean with an eye dropper. So now I have revamped it to share what I have learned and hopefully make a few people laugh.

Below are my top stories of the scammers I have come across. Also included is a full list of all the scammers I and some of you have busted.

Always taking new entries if you got em.

Note: Evan Peters will never ask you for money. A member of his “management” will never ask you for money. Not for a phone call, in-person meeting or for shipping costs for a gift.

My History With Scammers

For reasons you don’t care about, and I don’t want to get into, I spent seven months talking to celebrity scammers. Mainly scammers posing as Evan Peters—almost 15 in total.  The stories below are what I have learned about how these scammers contact fans, how they try to trick them, and what they are after.  If you don’t learn anything, maybe these stories will at least make you laugh.

My First Scammer

Scammers enter fan groups claiming to be celebrities. A common method is “I’m using this secret page to get to know my fans better. Click here to talk to me”. Then another fake account will jump in on comments and validate them with a “I got to talk to such in such and it was the best day of my life”.  I clicked the link simply titled “MY CHAT PAGE” with a picture of Evan Peters. If only it were that simple to gain the attention of a celebrity, right?

My Deep Dive – I become accommodating

Once I knew how the scammers approach the fans, I wanted to uncover what they want and how they go about getting it. I decided to become the most accommodating and pleasing girl that ever existed. You say you are Evan Peters? Ok, you are Evan Peters. This turns out to be harder than expected because I don’t suffer stupid very well.


Hot Damn, Evan Peters is in Love With Me

My longest Evan Peters relation was over three weeks. Yes, nearly a month. Longer than some actual relationships I’ve had. For this one I learned a new platform called Google Chat. “Evan Peters” taught me a lot of new things like Telegram, Signal and WhatsApp. Not to mention helping me to brush up on my current knowledge of Facebook messenger and the ever-loving Instagram DMs. 

Best For Last

My last scammer was in and out in a day- just the way I like them. It started the same as the others. I tell him how talented and great he is and how I have the biggest crush on him. He replies how comfortable he is with me, and we both wish that we could meet in person. This entire conversation/ experience took less than two hours and I still consider it one of my best days.


If you feel that you have been put on this list unjustly- please contact us and tell us how you are the actual celebrity. We would LOVE to hear it.

Profile Name Scam
Evan peter private page Money for phone call
MY CHAT PAGE $5,000 for meet and greet
Evan Thomas Peters Money for meet and greet
Evan Peter Active Page Money for meet and greet
Profile Name
Profile Name Scam
@evan_peters_pc $1,000 for meet & greet
@evan_peters001 $200 for gift
Asked for money for fan card & phone call
@evans_morphixx Asked for $ for fan card
Profile Name Scam
Evan Thomas Peters
$10,000 for investment in a business
Evan Peters
Money for meet and greet
Evan Thomas Peters
$3,000 – $15,000 for meet and greet (bonus you can get Evan Peters for 2 months for only $15,000 which is a bargain!!!)
Evan Peters
Wanted me to pay to meet him in St. Louis
Evan Peters
$1,000 to ship a gift and $200 for fan card, is also evan_peters001 on Telegram
Profile Name Number
Evan Thomas Peters 616-319-1118
Profile Name Scam

Evan Peters
+1 551-313-7898

Wanted $150 worth of bitcoins for a fan card

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