Best For Last

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My last scammer was in and out in a day- just the way I like them. It started the same as the others. I tell him how talented and great he is and how I have the biggest crush on him. He replies how comfortable he is with me, and we both wish that we could meet in person. This entire conversation/ experience took less than two hours and I still consider it one of my best days.

Again, Evan Peters with the pesky, pesky management can’t meet anyone without being paid. I actually asked an “Evan Peters” once if that included his mother. He was NOT amused. Anyway, he gives me the management’s email which literally has management and Evan Peters variation in it—gmail of course.

My email to them was one of “Please pick me!” I attempted to portray the same excitement as a puppy whose owner has just come home. It worked and I got the best email EVER. Below is the pricing structure for a vacation with Evan Peters.

Two months with Evan Peters for 15 grand. Take my money!!!! I can’t even remember the last time I had this much fun because I have SO many questions. Does “Evan Peters” come with a care and feeding manual? Does he have an ‘in case of emergency’ button or could I tie him up in my basement and create a “Misery” type situation? If I had enough money could I just keep paying and keep Evan Peters indefinitely? I blocked both management and Evan Peters before I got any of my questions answered.  This one didn’t even have the courtesy to play Evan Peters Wack a Mole™.

 After everything, I can honestly say that I am glad I did this. I had a lot of laughs. The only downside is if I ever do get the opportunity to meet Evan Peters I would probably check his ID and need a DNA sample to be sure it is him 😊.