My Deep Dive

I Become Accommodating

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Once I knew how the scammers approach the fans, I wanted to uncover what they want and how they go about getting it. I decided to become the most accommodating and pleasing girl that ever existed. You say you are Evan Peters? Ok, you are Evan Peters. This turns out to be harder than expected because I don’t suffer stupid very well.

Luckily for me it didn’t take long for him to ask for what he wanted. Apparently, Evan Peters has a pesky management team that won’t let him talk to people unless he is given money. Pesky, pesky management. I talked to “Evan Peters” via chat and every single day he asked if I had contacted his management to pay the $200.  That was the going rate for our special conversation. I, very politely, said thank you and I’m not ready for a phone call because “I’m far too nervous.”  I would understand if he couldn’t chat with me anymore.  Turns out he liked me.  Shit, I am just that special.

Meanwhile I was attempting to get in contact with anyone in authority who cared.  Spoiler alert: no one did. I could go on and on about how no one cared, but I won’t. As time went on, he found me on Insta which led him to believe that I had a lot more than $200.  Damn! He now wanted $5,000 for a meet and greet. This part does still make me laugh even now. According to the email, they were going to send the private jet for me so I could personally meet Evan Peters for $5,000.  All in all, not a bad deal.

I call this my only deep dive because it is the only time, I gave more information than I should have given. In order to get the paypal and zelle information I had to give them my address/ name, etc. Even then I didn’t give out much, giving my office address and cell phone number. I remember thinking I was such a stud for getting the financial information of the scammers. I was going to get them. Take them down! Ya, no one cared.

I do still giggle about them sending the private jet for me though. Let’s not forget, I am actually a fan of Evan Peters and most of the pictures of him recently are of him waiting in the airport. Not getting on a private jet… waiting for a plane like the rest of us schmucks. Hence, why we dig the guy. He is relatable.  The one thing I did learn is I got much further by being accommodating than confrontational.

I had all the information I needed so I blocked him. So sad—I had to block “Evan Peters.” Then the Evan Peters Wack A Mole™ began. Best Game Ever!!!  I received friend requests from “Evan Peters,” emails from “Evan Peters,” message requests from “Evan Peters.” Evan Peters was chasing me.

My ego was charting at an 11.  Unfortunately, it only lasted about a half a day until he/they got bored and gave up. No more Evan Peters love. I will say, being accommodating did do the trick. I found out what the scammers want. They want money and now I know how they try to get it.  I am finally getting somewhere.