My First Scammer

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Scammers enter fan groups claiming to be celebrities. A common method is “I’m using this secret page to get to know my fans better. Click here to talk to me”.  Then another fake account will jump in on comments and validate them with a “I got to talk to such in such and it was the best day of my life”.   I clicked the link simply titled “MY CHAT PAGE” with a picture of Evan Peters. If only it were that simple to gain the attention of a celebrity, right?

So, what is the first thing Evan Peters said to me? My celebrity crush. The great actor, Emmy winner. He wrote back, “how long have you been a lover of my work”.  Say what now? Is Evan Peters stupid? Is he incapable of holding a conversation if Ryan Murphy isn’t writing the script? Oh, how sad. And a total lady boner killer—I might add. Now I’m just irritated and start asking very pointed questions. I started to wonder if Mr. Peters had had a stroke or something.

The dude didn’t know who Tate was! Anyone who knows anything about American Horror Story (AHS) knows who Tate is. Wait, wait, wait, are you telling me the link I clicked was NOT Evan Peters? Are you telling me Emmy award winner, golden globe winner, and a bunch of other awards winner Evan Peters isn’t just sitting around waiting for me to talk to him?   Ya, I probably should have been able to figure that one out on my own.

The absolute best part was when I asked him direct questions. He said I was “stressing his feelings”.  Really? The actor that made out with both a blow-up doll and a mannequin had his feelings “stressed” by ME because I had the nerve to call him out for not knowing the name of his break-out role? I’m going to go ahead and call bullshit on this one. Still…lesson learned. This entire encounter didn’t last very long. Perhaps under a day because I became impatient with the stupidity of it all. Then I realized, it is going to do nothing for me if I just pick fights with tiny internet scammer trolls. If I want to know what they are after, I need a better way.